Our Story

Photo of Madi behind a table with Tibby Bean figurines and art


A love for frogs and art combined into one

Welcome to my funky frog shop where I sell my handmade, hand-painted polymer clay figurines and pet portraits. I specialize in frog and toad figurines, but love to create other quirky animals such as mudskippers and opossums!
We celebrate the awesomeness of frogs and their many shapes and colors, but if you do not see the exact amphibian you'd like, we warmly welcome custom commissions!
In 2020, our very first figurine at our shop was the Pacman frog figurine, inspired by the real-life albino Pacman Frog named Tiabeanie (a.k.a Tibby Bean). Tiabeanie's human mom, Madi, knew she had to spread the joy her frog gave her to others and so the Tibby Bean shop was founded.
Whether you have a frog of your own, know a frog lover, or just admire these beautiful creatures, we hope you find our hand-crafted frog art ribbeting. Thank you for hopping by!

All the best,
Madi & Tibby Bean